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Best Educational Consultant helping families find answers to educational placement questions. Dr. Bishop connects students with unique needs to best suited colleges, and assists learning or behaviorally challenged students find top rated programs in Florida. Dr. Bishop also helps prepare students for academically gifted programs.

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Educational Consulting Practice Areas:

Day, Boarding, and Gifted Schools

Program selection and admission services are available for a variety of schools in Florida that focus on gifted education or college preparation, in addition to matching services for struggling students with ADHD, behavioral or learning issues. Dr. Bishop can assist with ensuring your child’s academic performance matches requirements for the best educational environment.

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College, University & Graduate Admissions

Guidance is available for students needing assistance with college selection and the overall admission process. Focus areas include competitive colleges and universities to specialized colleges for students with specific challenges. Dr. Bishop can assist your rising college student create an appropriate application list based on GPA, SAT scores, and desired factors.

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Schools for L.D. & Behavioral Concerns

Help identifying the best Florida based educational program for your child. Common concerns include anger, defiance, ADHD, adoption, depression, and school refusal. Dr. Bishop is a trained educational psychologist (#SS-859, retired) with over 20 years’ experience matching troubled teens to appropriate educational programs and aftercare services.

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Educational Consultant Blog: Tips for College Admission, Boarding School, Gifted Education and More!


Support for Parents of College Freshmen

Part of my job as an educational consultant is to prepare parents for their new role as a support person for their child transitioning to college.  The freshman year is often a make-it or break-it year.  Parents have a reason to worry- the United States has the lowest college completion rate in the developed world, at least among the 18 countries tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  In a previous post I discussed how only 55 percent of students at four-year institutions and an astounding 29 percent for two-year colleges graduate. Some state universities graduate fewer than 25 percent of students within six-years of enrollment. Parents often look for...

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