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Best Educational Consultant helping families find answers to educational and therapeutic placement questions. Therapeutic placement services are available for students with learning issues, disruptive behaviors, anxiety, depression, ADHD, defiance, adoption issues and more.

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Educational Consulting Practice Areas:

Day, Boarding, and Gifted Schools

Dr. Bishop helps families connect with the best suited college prep or specialty focus day or boarding school for their academically gifted student. Matching services are available for struggling students with ADHD, autism spectrum, behavioral, emotional, or learning issues. Dr. Bishop can assist with ensuring your child’s educational environment meets their unique educational needs.

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College, University & Graduate Admissions

Guidance is available for students needing assistance with college selection and the overall admission process. Focus areas include competitive colleges and universities to specialized colleges for students with specific challenges. Dr. Bishop can assist your rising college student create an appropriate application list based on GPA, SAT scores, and desired factors.

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Schools & Camps for Behavioral Concerns

Dr. Bishop utilizes his professional experience managing residential treatment facilities across the U.S. to help families find the best treatment program for struggling students with emotional and behavioral concerns. Dr. Bishop is a former therapeutic boarding school executive director, and served as admissions director for the largest provider of residential youth programs in the United States.

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Educational Consultant Blog: Tips for College Admission, Boarding School, Gifted Education and More!


Therapeutic Program Tours (and how to Dab!)

I recently had the awesome experience of touring multiple programs across the US.  I have to say- I was impressed with each and every one.  There are so many highly qualified, dedicated professionals in the industry.  I truly feel blessed to know so many talented people. I also took the opportunity to have a little fun.  Before I left, my daughter suggested, “Dad, when you take a picture of each program, get a photo of them dabbing!” In case you don’t know what dabbing is, here is Ellen and Hillary Clinton learning how to dab on the Ellen show: I sort of think it looks like the mating dance of the Riflebird.  What do you...

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