How Do I Find the Best Educational Consultant for My Loved One?

Dr. Mike Bishop is an independent educational consultant that focuses on Florida programs only; namely universities, colleges, and boarding schools for gifted or learning disabled students along with related educationally based programs.

Successful people tend to invest their money wisely, and there is no better investment than one which contributes to your child’s academic success or psychological well-being.  Finding the top educational consultant for your child’s individualized needs may seem like a daunting task.  This post addresses the question: How can I find the best educational consultant, and how can I be sure the consultant is qualified to meet my child’s specific needs?

What in an Educational Consultant?

Educational consultants connect students to private schools, boarding schools, colleges, and graduate schools. They also assist families in identifying the best residential facilities including therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, and drug and alcohol treatment centers. In order to make this connection, the consultant needs to have a firm grasp of both the client’s needs and the options available.

The best educational consultant should have professional expertise into educational and personality assessment. This type of expertise is gained by attending a graduate school accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and completing doctorate level graduate coursework in assessment. Supervised experience in administering psycho-educational assessment is part of the training requirement. When identifying an educational consultant, be sure to ask them how many APA-approved graduate level units psycho-educational, personality, or psychological assessments they have completed. For comparison, Dr. Bishop completed 26 APA-approved doctoral level units in the area of assessment and has presented research at a Society for Personality Assessment conference.

Bishop Educational Consulting provides professional, results-oriented private school, boarding school, college and treatment program admissions services to families across the state of Florida. The firm was founded by Dr. Mike Bishop on the notion that educational consulting interventions aimed at successful admissions should be research based and scientifically supported.  As a result, Dr. Bishop assists young people gain admissions to a variety of school, colleges, and programs utilizing proven techniques that are measurable, objective, and highly effective.

Dr. Bishop also believes that you can’t judge the quality of boarding school, college, or a treatment program through a website or a brochure.  It takes knowing the landscape of the educational environment and having a personal connection and familiarity with the unique characteristics of each location.  Dr. Bishop works independently with each family he contracts with and never accepts a dime in commissions from the programs to which he refers.

Families shouldn’t have to wade through hundreds of websites and brochures when making critical decisions. Bishop Educational Consulting provides a better option for families.  Dr. Bishop does the legwork for you, and matches your loved one up to the best options available.  While the practice is based in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Bishop partners with families around the world in the search and admission process. Dr. Bishop utilizes an online project management database for prompt communication and task completion.  Parents can monitor the progress their student is making by logging in and overseeing the tasks and milestones completed.

Consider this: A savvy home buyer would never purchase without the assistance of a qualified, licensed home inspector, nor would one purchase a car without speaking with a mechanic or consulting an expert source such as Consumer Reports.

The same logic applies to this most important decision that has implications that will last for years to come.  Dr. Bishop can provide you with the information you need to make the best educational placement or treatment decision for your child.

Compared to the cost of visiting just one campus out of state, Dr. Bishop’s rates are extremely reasonable. He is in a unique position to know which types of students excel in different educational environments.  The value Dr. Bishop offers is immeasurable in terms of time savings and the resulting quality of life from finding the best solutions available for your child’s individualized needs.

It is critical that you do not make a potentially life changing decision about your child’s future based on a brochure, website, or brief conversation with an admission representative!

About Dr. Mike Bishop, Educational Consultant

Dr. Mike Bishop built his career on developing educational programs for adolescents, teens, and young adults.  As a result he knows the landscape extremely well.  Let Dr. Bishop be your partner in identifying the best educational options for your loved one.  His experience with boarding schools, colleges, day and residential treatment options spans over 20 years.  Dr. Bishop has made site visits to campuses spanning the entire United States and has an insider’s view on the landscape of options available.

Some of Dr. Bishop’s career achievements include appearing on national and international media outlets to give his professional opinion various mental health issues, treatment and educational options for young people.  Dr. Bishop was employed as Executive Director of Wellspring Academy and Camps for six years where he assumed a key role in developing a therapeutic boarding school featured on the reality TV show, “Too Fat for 15″ which appeared on the Style Network and ran for three consecutive years.  Under Dr. Bishop’s supervision students often made significant behavioral changes.  Dr. Bishop has held leadership positions in community