Developing a Results Oriented Work Plan for Private School or College Admissions

The work plan provides the blueprint detailing how the student will achieve their goals.  My philosophy is results oriented.  I am so focused on getting results for my clients that some directors I work with have affectionately nicknamed me, “the bulldog.”  To get the desired results, we start with an in-depth professional analysis of the student’s current strengths and relative weaknesses.  We look at preferences, activities, lifestyle, and goals.  With the start point and end point thoroughly identified, we then proceed to map out step-by-step what action items are needed to achieve the student’s goals.

College Admission Goals

Goals are mapped out with the collaboration of the student and family.  Goals are always purposeful and measurable.  The goal of “do your best on the SAT” will never be stated.  Instead, we identify areas of needed attention, and develop an action plan with specific milestones along the way.  We utilize Basecamp.com as our communications hub where messages are exchanged, tasks are identified, and due dates are recorded on the interactive calendar.  I will also always be available by phone or email, and inquiries are generally answered within 2 hours.

Depending on the student and their needs, we may employ the use of systematic self-observation through the utilization of behavioral charts, self-monitoring journals (SMJ’s), and behavioral contracts.  The student learns to regulate their study behaviors, increase motivation, and achieve their academic goals though systematic self-monitoring.  For students without academic or motivational concerns, we focus more on the completion of personal statements, interviewing skills, and identifying the best schools and colleges based on the student’s needs.  Often exceptional students benefit from an unbiased assessment that can provide feedback on improving their overall profile for prospective schools and colleges.  We examine extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, hobbies and sports participation, and any related area the student may have overlooked that will potentially increase their chance of admission success.

It has been my experience that as students complete work plan goals, motivation and overall excitement about school or college admission increases.  We can then use that momentum forward to reach higher levels of achievement.  This can result in higher SAT scores, better grades, and the completion of a superior personal statement to submit with the application.

Admissions Timeline

The length of consultation and time commitment needed is dependent on the student’s needs and admission time line.  Generally, the earlier we intervene the less weekly time commitment is needed.  For students in the final year of preparing for college, they should plan on accessing the project management basecamp online at least twice weekly, and setting aside two to three hours per week for work plan tasks.

To get your student started on a clear path to academic success, call Dr. Bishop at 813-454-1050.