Working with an Educational Consultant: Face-to-Face or Online?

Parents often inquire about face-to-face meetings utilizing my services.  I have conducted hundreds of educational assessments in person and provided face-to-face counseling and admissions guidance services.   I am happy to meet with families in person or by utilizing online technology.

Online Educational Consulting Vs. Face-to-Face

Ultimately, there is little difference between the two.  Even when I meet with a family face-to-face, completion of work plan items are best completed utilizing online project management technologies.  For example, when working on the personal statement for an application, the student can post the statement to Basecamp and then I can check on progress, give editing or writing suggestions, and provide feedback the same day.  We don’t have to wait for the next appointment time to keep working on items.

When working with students I often send out online questionnaires or links to websites for students to look at.  Students can then work on these items as time permits.  Links can be bookmarked to identified schools and colleges, scholarship opportunities, and so on.

In sum, we can meet face-to-face or online to discuss the best fit for your student’s educational or treatment opportunities, or to complete work plan items.  The vast majority of families chose to work utilizing an online format.  Some families I have worked with do an initial meeting then follow up with online, phone, fax, and email communication.  Either way I am happy to assist you.  For an appointment please call me directly at 813-454-1050.