Lessons from Yoda

There is a scene in the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back that holds an important lesson. In the scene Jedi Master Yoda teaches young Luke Skywalker the principles of mastering the ways of the force. One of the assignments Yoda gives Luke is to lift the X-wing fighter from the Dagobah swamp using the power of his mind alone. Luke responds: ‘I’ll try’. Yoda then gets agitated and replies: ‘No! Do or do not…there is no try!’

Mind Power for Students

Using the power of our mind alone to lift things sounds rather far fetched, but our mind is more powerful than most people realize.  Just like Yoda corrects Luke about the words he uses, we can use words to unleash the power of our minds. When we speak to ourselves (out loud or in our mind) we are essentially programming ourselves to execute an assignment. Our subconscious mind takes these assignments literally, so it’s important to give unambiguous assignments focused at the desired results.

We use the verb “try” very much in our language. We use it to express a positive attitude towards executing something of which we’re not really sure about whether we’ll be successful at finishing it. At least, that’s the appearance it has. To try means to make an effort to do or accomplish something. With it we commit ourselves to the effort, but not to the result! Worse still the word try focuses more on failure than on success.  The message “I’ll try to do it” clearly sends a different message than “I’ll do this” or “I will do this”. When we try we anticipate failure, and send this message of failure to our subconscious mind. When we do we send a message focused on success. Failure is still possible of course, however we don’t program ourselves for failure!