Therapeutic Program Tours (and how to Dab!)

I recently had the awesome experience of touring multiple programs across the US.  I have to say- I was impressed with each and every one.  There are so many highly qualified, dedicated professionals in the industry.  I truly feel blessed to know so many talented people.

I also took the opportunity to have a little fun.  Before I left, my daughter suggested, “Dad, when you take a picture of each program, get a photo of them dabbing!”

In case you don’t know what dabbing is, here is Ellen and Hillary Clinton learning how to dab on the Ellen show:

I sort of think it looks like the mating dance of the Riflebird.  What do you think?

So here are some of the great programs I toured this month.  Each one is fantastic in their own focus area:

First, I met the great folks at Kaizen.  I learned about about their program, which is a residential treatment program for teen-aged boys struggling with sexual behavior problems.  I was able to get them to be my first dab subjects!


Thanks to Lynn, Clark, and everyone I met for being such great sports!  I truly enjoyed learning about this fantastic program.  It's great to extent my knowledge base into this area.

Then I toured New Haven, which is an RTC for struggling teen girls.  They have an impressive campus!  My daughter particularly loved hearing about the cats they have running around campus.  It is a home-like setting, and having therapists live in the houses with the students is an interesting component to the program.

Thanks to New Haven for the tour and the dabs!


I then headed North to La Europa.  Wow- what a great opportunity for struggling girls what also have a passion for the arts.  How they incorporate arts into their therapeutic curriculum is ingenious.


Thank you Robbi for being such a good sport!

I also toured YouthCare RTC on the same trip.  Finally, someone who know hows to do a proper dab (no disrespect to my other dabbers, but this guy had it down):


I then headed up north and went to Solstice RTC.  My friend Jenn agreed to get in on the action.  Thanks Jenn, you're very kind for putting up with my silliness:


Solstice is a program for trauma, loss, and attachment.  It's girls-only.  They also have a transitional program for young adults.  Here we go!


Oddly these were my most reluctant dabbers at Solstice Journey Home.  Too cool for school I guess.

Anywho, I then traveled on down the road to Elevations RTC.  This is a higher level RTC, more or less along the same lines as YouthCare, with some differences for sure.  Both are Joint Commission accredited and co-ed.


I should also note they treated me to a fantastic barbecue while at Elevations.  Yum!  And did I mention the dogs they have on campus?  There were dogs everywhere.  New Haven would have something to say about that for sure.

Finally, I met my friend Randi at ViewPoint Center.  I told her she couldn't deny my final dab- so she went for it!


Well, that's pretty much it.  It was a great trip to Utah to tour the best programs in the country.  I hope to return very soon.

Okay, one final dab... Salt Lake City style!