Competitive Admissions Process

The main communication device utilized for completing admissions related tasks is an online database. The database is private and password protected. The database is where tasks are assigned and the student, parents, and Dr. Bishop will communicate.

A screenshot of a student’s home screen is provided below.  Notice the latest communications and to-do items assigned to the student on the home screen.

Below is a screen shot of the student’s calendar.  Both Dr. Bishop, the student and any parent or support person can assign tasks on the calendar.

Finally, we have a screen shot of communications below.  Files such as college essays, application drafts, and other documents can be attached to communications.  This is an excellent way to post works in progress for review and to store important documents.

Family Involvement in the Admissions Process

External support is critical to each educational consulting practice area.  Therefore, parents, guardians, role models and other adults important to the student are encouraged to participate in the enrollment process.

In most cases the consultation process starts with a background interview with the parent and parents are involved through the entire admissions process.  Teacher, coaches, tutors, and other adults who know the student well can participate in the interview as well.  For rising high school students applying to college, or for high achieving students applying to prestigious boarding schools or selective private college preparatory schools, parental involvement is critical.