Educational Consultant for School, College, and Residential Therapeutic Programs

Dr. Mike Bishop is an independent educational consultant located in Tampa, Florida with a focus on connecting families to universities, colleges, day/boarding schools and therapeutic programs. He also helps families find educational programs for students with unique needs including giftedness, learning disabilities, and behavioral or emotional concerns.  Dr. Bishop’s expertise comes from his experience as an IECA professional member, a therapeutic boarding school executive director, and admissions director for largest provider of specialized behavioral health care services in the United States.

Dr. Bishop’s main focus areas include:

  • Educational planning including program identification, selection and admissions preparation services to academically gifted programs and Florida day schools.  Dr. Bishop has unique insight regarding student enrichment to best prepare a child for competitive programs.
  • College and university selection and admissions services.  Dr. Bishop’s has special expertise in helping connect students to colleges where additional support or accommodations might be needed.
  • Therapeutic program referral services to a variety of residential and day treatment programs including residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.  As a former therapeutic boarding school and psychiatric hospital Executive Director, Dr Bishop is familiar with the therapeutic education and treatment environment having successfully placed students in:
    • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
    • Residential Treatment Centers (RTC’s)
    • LD / ADHD Boarding Schools
    • Working Ranch Schools / Equine Therapy Programs
    • Adventure Therapy Programs
    • Emotional Growth Boarding Schools – where focus is put on character development in lieu of academic progress.

Educational Consulting Expertise

Dr. Bishop holds has helped students and their families across the US with a wide variety of strengths and academic needs find the right college, graduate program, residential treatment center (RTC), therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program.

To build his level of expertise, Dr. Bishop has made numerous site visits to boarding schools, private day schools, colleges, and specialized therapeutic programs.


Why Choose Bishop Educational Consulting?

  1. Customized, proven, research-driven and results-oriented approach to admissions matching success.
  2. Dr. Bishop is more than a guide for your family- he will advocate for your child using his 20+ years’ professional expertise and doctoral level training on psychological, educational, and neuropsychological testing.  If your child is been passed over for admission due to IQ testing or related psychometric data, Dr. Bishop can help!
  3. For struggling students, scientifically supported initiatives and interventions area used to improve grades, motivation, and achieve admissions success.
  4. Specialized services for students with learning differences or unique issues including giftedness.
  5. Many students experience significant GPA improvement and up to 38% improvement in standardized testing after working with Dr. Bishop. Under Dr. Bishop’s direction, students experienced 27.5% average increase in GPA at Wellspring Academy.
  6. Interventions are clearly outlined, measurable, objective, and can be tracked on a project management website available to the student and parent.
  7. Dr. Bishop maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with over 200 families assisted each year.

Dr. Bishop has worked exclusively in child and adolescent behavioral health for over 20 years. His career experiences include positions in graduate school and therapeutic program admissions, Executive Director of a therapeutic boarding school managed by Aspen Education, and Director of the primer therapeutic camp in the U.S. for technology overuse habits.

He has also worked for 6 years as a Director for CRC Health, which is the largest provider of specialized behavioral health care services in the United States.  Dr. Bishop continues to visit boarding schools, colleges, and specialized therapeutic programs on a regular basis and has professional contacts at facilities across the country.


While the majority of Dr. Bishop’s clientele are referred from families assisted over the years, new families are encouraged to call.  Dr. Bishop serves clients from around the world implementing effective strategies through an online management database.

There is no charge for an introductory phone call or initial conversation. To learn more about the services Dr. Bishop provides please call him directly at 813-454-1050.

Dr Bishop's Reviews

  • "Dr. Bishop has made a significant impact on the academic success on our son in a critical year before entering high school.  He reassured our faltering son, who once felt 'stupid', that he was actually 'smart' and had much potential.  The official nature of the assessment brought validity and energized him with confidence that a mom's encouraging words could not achieve.  This, coupled with Dr. Bishop's suggested drills, (in our case organization & writing), equipped our son to succeed as he stepped onto his high school campus.  He went from C, D & F's to A, B & C's and taking honors classes!"
    -Peggy M.
  • "My daughter’s success couldn't have been realized without the help you gave her! Thank you for helping with her success."
    -Page S.
  • "Dr. Bishop worked with our son and us until our son received the accommodations he needs.  Dr. Bishop clarified information for the SAT to make sure our son got the extra time he needs to get accurate results on the test.  He also assisted us with accommodations for college, so that our son can succeed in a difficult academic environment.  I highly recommend Dr. Bishop to anyone who needs a strong advocate for their child."
    -L. K.
  • "We received the reports you made up for our daughter last week. Thank you! It is a very nice thing to have and we have put into place many of the suggestions that you have made. The principal was impressed with your report and said she liked how detailed and thorough it was, and they were willing and able to accommodate everything in the report. I am feeling much more relieved than I have up to this point. We appreciate your report and the suggestions that will make schooling experience more enjoyable for our daughter."
    -Angela N.
  • "I appreciate all the help you gave my son during a very trying time in his life and really enjoyed your professionalism with his evaluation. Thank you for caring."
    -Ted E.
  • "My family recently relocated from New Jersey to the Tampa area. I contacted Dr. Bishop regarding school placement issues...having come from out of state, I was unfamiliar with local standards, and opportunities for eligible children. Dr. Bishop spent a considerable amount of time providing his feedback regarding my son and thoughts about appropriate placements for him. I would recommend his services without hesitation to any parent."
    -Tanya M.