Best Practices for Therapeutic Placement

Over the course of his career Dr. Bishop has developed a methodology to effectively place struggling teens in therapeutic treatment called, “The Ten Factor Model for Therapeutic Placement.”

Under this system your child will be placed in the most appropriate therapeutic facility based on his or her individualized needs.  There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” program.  Each treatment center has their own focus areas, age range, and ideal client type.  Each of the 10 Factors must to carefully considered in order to achieve effective therapeutic placement.

The Best Way to Find a Residential Treatment Program

Dr. Bishop offers families a Ten Factor list of considerations which serves as a starting point for conversation about what facility will be the best for your child.  It’s a logical, clinically based methodology founded on the notion that treatment facility should be chosen on no less than 10 individual factors.

These factors include (click on each one for a description):

I. Severity of Issues

II. Etiology (how the issue was formed)

III. Diagnostic Cluster

IV. How the Child Handles Frustration and Discord

V. Child’s Belief System and Prevalent Issues

VI. Cost and Length of Stay, VII. Academics

VIII. The Child’s Interests, IX. Program Location, and X. Everything Else