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  • Florida Day, Boarding & Gifted Schools Admission Help

Need Help with Selection or Admission the Right College Preparatory School, Gifted Program, or Specialized School?

Finding the right educational environment for your child is critical. Research demonstrates that success in grade school is the most important factor in determining college choices students will have upon graduation. Assistance is available to help you find and enroll your child in the best educational environment for their individualized needs. For most families, the consultation process begins with a comprehensive review of the student’s grades, standardized testing, work sample reviews, and interviews with the student, parent, and other adults who know the child well.  Former and current teachers, tutors, and mentors are often involved in the assessment process.

Your student’s success at your school of choice is the most important factor in determining the college choices they will have available upon graduation.

Services Available:

Assistance is available with all aspects of program selection and admission to day schools including:

  • Competitive schools designed for college preparation
  • Schools and programs for academically gifted students
  • Schools and programs for students with learning disabilities and behavioral issues

Services available to improve chances of admission include:

  • Gifted test preparation services: assistance with raising your child’s critical thinking skills for higher achievement on tests of intellectual functioning including the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS), and the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT-II).
  • Academic achievement test preparation services: assistance with improving your child’s reading, language, and mathematics abilities for better scores on the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement (WJ-IV) and the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-III).
  • Educational testing services for development of a summer work plan
  • Educational portfolio and learning style review to determine best study methods for ensuring academic performance

Day School Consulting

Assistance is available to help find the most appropriate day school for your child living in Florida.  Typically a one-hour interview is conducted after a record review to generate recommendations for appropriate schools.

Boarding School Selection and Admissions Help

Traditional boarding schools are excellent options for families that seek additional structure and a positive environment to provide opportunities for personal growth, character building and academic enrichment.

Dr. Bishop has assisted families around the world find the best educational environment for their child.

Assistance is available to help you identify the best school and to assist with portfolio development, therefore preparing your child to be better prepared for admission. Goals are based on actual application requirements and are outlined in an objective, measurable manner. 

Specialized Day School Placement

Assistance is available to identify the best specialized day school in Florida for your child with ADHD, autism, a learning disability, mood or behavioral problem. Your child’s transcripts, work samples, and past psycho-educational testing will be reviewed to determine the best supports for your child. Schools, tutoring centers, reading specialist, and all other identified needed resources will be interviewed and reviewed by Dr. Bishop to ensure appropriateness of fit for your child.


Services Offered Include:

Mini-Consultation: If you are simply looking for a list of appropriate schools for your child, the Mini-Consultation might be right for you.  You will be provided with a list of appropriate schools, insight into the reputation of the school, the difficulty of admission, and the benefit for your student’s individualized needs.  Services include:

  • Review of most recent standardized testing, grades, and other pertinent academic records or work samples.
  • Phone interview with parent, guardian, or other adults who know the student will to understand the student’s strengths, relative weaknesses, interests, goals, and areas of concern.
  • Summary report of findings and recommendation for placement.

Comprehensive Consultation: If you would like total assistance through the entire selection and admission process, the Comprehensive Consultation is the best option.  Dr. Bishop will provide a report considering all available options based on your preferences and the child’s individualized educational needs in addition to application completion services and follow up.  Services include:

  • Ongoing consultation and guidance for the student and family from initial school selection to admittance.
  • Comprehensive educational evaluation including professional review of the student’s transcripts, strengths and relative weaknesses, goals, personality attributes and interests and review of any previously performed psycho-educational or standardized testing.
  • A thorough review of a wide range of possible appropriate schools prepared in a professional report for the family. Reasoning for each school identified based on academics, activities, location, size, facilities, prestige, ability to accommodate identified factors, and so on will be outlined in the report.
  • Comprehensive assistance with the admissions process.
  • Application assistance including final review of all application materials to be submitted.
  • Continual support and guidance and continued educational consulting services for the student and family through the entire admissions process.

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