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Independent Educational Consultant for College Admission

Deciding which college is the best choice is one of the most important decisions young people can make.  The effect of this decision is undoubtedly life changing.  Currently, there are over 3,000 colleges in the United States alone.  Young people can often feel overwhelmed in the decision making process.  Dr. Bishop can assist young people in all steps of the decision process from initial selection, fine tuning the list, and assisting the student achieve their academic goals.

Dr. Bishop focuses on helping students find the right college when there are unique circumstances including: autism, Asperger disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD, or need for special accommodations or mental health support.

Dr. Bishop also helps families when the young adult falls off track and a supportive program is needed to help the student build independence and thrive into adulthood.

College | University Selection Assistance

Dr. Bishop travels regularly to colleges and universities across the US to better understand the characteristics of different programs. It is important to consider all factors including majors available and the individual reputation and training available at the school’s specific department in which you are interested.

Finding the best college or university is unquestionably one of the most important decisions a person will make in their life.

But there are many important factors to consider even if you know your major or career choice.  Social climate, class size, proximity to home, living arrangements and extra-curricular activities are generally important to students. For students needing support services or those with specialized interests, the college selection decision can become quite difficult.  Working with an educational consultant can help students select the college where they will find the highest levels of academic success.

College | University Admissions Help

Dr. Bishop also provides direct help for students seeking admission to challenging colleges and universities.  Direct assistance is available to improve important components of the application.  Results oriented techniques are employed to improve the following application areas:

  • Grade Point Average
  • SAT /ACT Scores
  • Entrance Essays
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Guidance Regarding Extra-Curricular Activities (Sports, Clubs, Volunteer Work)
  • Significant Accomplishments that Demonstrate Leadership, Enthusiasm, and Academic Curiosity

Services Offered Include:

Mini-Consultation: Basic assistance to find an appropriate college for your rising high school student.

  • Review of most recent school transcripts and college entrance scores.
  • Phone interview with student in addition to interview with parent or guardian to understand the student’s overall goals and college preferences.
  • Summary report of findings and recommendation for application list.

Comprehensive Consultation: Assistance with both college selection and entrance.  Services can include:

  • Ongoing consultation and guidance for the student from initial college selection to admittance.
  • Comprehensive evaluation including professional review of the student’s needs, strengths and relative weaknesses, goals, personality attributes and interests.
  • A thorough review of a wide range of possible appropriate colleges prepared in a professional report for the family.  Reasoning for each college identified based on majors offered, activities, location, size, facilities, ability to accommodate identified factors, and so on will be outlined in the report.
  • Comprehensive assistance with the admissions process from essay review to application assistance.
  • Continual support and guidance for the family through the entire placement.

To schedule a comprehensive consultation contact Dr. Bishop here to begin today.

Educational Consulting for Special Needs College Students

Dr. Bishop provides educational consulting services to help families in unique situations identify colleges for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and other issues which could potentially interfere with academic performance.  This process involves a comprehensive review of the student’s current academic strengths and relative weaknesses.  Past psycho-educational or psychological testing will be reviewed.

Colleges for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and ADHD

Options range from dedicated colleges for learning issues / ADHD to mainstream colleges with the proper academic supports in place.  Beyond identifying the best educational environment, Dr. Bishop can assist families set up the needed educational supports to support the student’s educational needs.

A professional recommendation will be made to the student support center outlining the interventions needed to best support the student.  If needed, ongoing support and guidance can be provided.  Dr. Bishop is aware of many resources available to students with learning issues and what types of learning environments are best for each type of student.