Factor VI: Cost and Length of Stay

For this factor we look at not only the family’s ability to pay but what they are willing to do.  Some families may have little funds but are willing to take out a home equity loan to save their child.  Some may have significant funds but don’t want to disrupt the child’s education, so they are looking for a “summer only” program.  Also discussed are alternative funding strategies and possible insurance reimbursement or coverage.

Factor VII: Academics

Some educational consultants disregard academics as a factor.  However, if a child’s self-esteem and self-worth is tied to their academic progress, or if falling behind would be detrimental for the child, then academics should be considered.  Some programs are fully accredited schools on their own.  Other programs have classes, but it’s up to the school to which the child is returning to award the credit.  There are even a handful of therapeutic programs that have excellent academic components and prepare students for higher tier universities.

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I. Severity of Issues

II. Etiology (how the issue was formed)

III. Diagnostic Cluster

IV. How the Child Handles Frustration and Discord

V. Child’s Belief System and Prevalent Issues

VI. Cost and Length of Stay, VII. Academics

VIII. The Child’s Interests, IX. Program Location, and X. Everything Else