Factor VIII: Interests

We also look at the program offerings to match interests to a child, such as sports offered, music and art, languages offered, extra-curricular activities, etc.  Often a child will have a need to keep up with a musical instrument or other activity, and programs differ on their ability to accommodate.  Some programs offer horseback ridding, skiing, or private music lessons which can be important to maintaining the child’s interest in program buy-in.

Factor IX: Program Location

Proximity to home is often a big factor, as most people want their child close to home for visitation and family sessions.  For other programs like wilderness with minimal on-site family involvement, location is less of a factor.

Factor X: Everything Else

For this factor we look at everything else.  Medical issues need to be examined here, such as food allergies, the need for ongoing shots, diabetes, and so on.  If there are religious preferences, or food preferences, we will examine them under this factor.

The ten factors guides the conversation with the family and ultimately leads to the best suited program for each child.

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I. Severity of Issues

II. Etiology (how the issue was formed)

III. Diagnostic Cluster

IV. How the Child Handles Frustration and Discord

V. Child’s Belief System and Prevalent Issues

VI. Cost and Length of Stay, VII. Academics

VIII. The Child’s Interests, IX. Program Location, and X. Everything Else