Private School & Gifted Admissions Process

An online database is utilized to compile information and communicate assessment and admissions related tasks between the parent and Dr. Bishop. The database is private and password protected. Dr. Bishop utilizes two main websites for therapeutic program assessment:

  • An online database for communicating, uploading records and pertinent documents, assigning tasks, and calendaring “to-do” items.
  • An online assessment website for best understanding the child and their individualized needs.

A screenshot of the online database home screen is provided below.  Notice the latest communications and to-do items assigned on the home screen. Files such as previous testing, work samples, and other documents can be attached to communications.  This is an excellent way to review and to store important documents.

Below is a screen shot of the interactive calendar.  Both Dr. Bishop, the student and any parent or support person can assign tasks on the calendar.

For the online assessment portion, questions are asked about the participant using a Likert scale from “Never” to “Almost Always.” Questions are asked regarding the student’s behavior.  Both positive behaviors and behaviors that indicate problems are contained in the assessment.  A screen shot of the assessment format is below.

Educational Consultant Online assessment

Please click on the above image to view full size.

Because this assessment is copyright protected, the questions in the screen shot have been replaced with “sample question.”  Most families report the online assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete.