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Need help with enrollment in a U.S. based college, school or other programme? Dr. Mike Bishop assists families from the Middle East and around the World enroll students in colleges, boarding schools, and treatment programmes in the United States. He has assisted clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Educational Consulting Practice Areas:

U.S. Boarding Schools

Looking for help enrolling in a U.S. boarding school? Families from the Middle East utilize Dr. Bishop's educational consulting services to assist with all aspects of programme selection and admission to prestigious boarding schools located in the United States. Total enrollment and admissions assistance is available for families around the World.

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U.S. Colleges & Graduate Schools

Need help with enrolling in a U.S. college? Using proven strategies, Dr. Bishop assists college bound students from the Middle East with all aspects of college selection and admission from Ivy League universities and graduate schools to specialized colleges and programmes for students with specific challenges. Dr. Bishop helps students from around the world enroll in colleges based in the United States.

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U.S. Therapeutic Programmes

Dr. Bishop assists families from the Middle East with programme selection and admission to therapeutic boarding schools and schools for learning issues including Dyslexia and ADHD. As a former therapeutic boarding school Executive Director and Educational Psychologist, Dr. Bishop knows the treatment U.S. landscape and best options available. Total enrollment assistance is available.

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Educational Consultant Blog: Tips for College Admission, Boarding School, Gifted Education and More!


Mid Summer Therapy Options

Mid Summer Therapy Options- To Act or Not to Act? In today's blog post we will examine the pros and cons of acting on your child's behavioral or mental health issues midsummer. Tension sometimes runs high over the summer months as a family is living in close quarters during the hot summer season. The daily structure that was once enjoyed during the school year is now disrupted as the kids are at home playing video games or running around the neighborhood getting into mischief with friends. Often, it is over the summer when parents first notice behavioral problems. It is not uncommon in my practice to receive phone calls in the mid-to-late summer inquiring about options for a child....

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