Tallahassee Area Educational Consulting

Dr. Mike Bishop assists Tallahassee area families seeking professional guidance for the following situations:

  • High School students seeking college / university selection assistance.
  • High School students needing an advocate and mentor to complete the application process.  Assistance with grade improvement, SAT/ACT score improvement, entrance essays, and overall application assistance is available.
  • Families considering boarding school or day school who seek the best educational environment for their student.
  • Families seeking the best environment for their student with learning differences, dyslexia, ADHD, or behavioral problems.
  • Families with a bright student that is having difficulty qualifying for the Academically Gifted Program.

Call Dr. Bishop at 813-454-1050

Higher Education

Admissions guidance is provided for the following Tallahassee universities:

  • Florida A&M University
  • Florida State University

Private High School and Gifted Education

Dr. Bishop can also assist with admission guidance to the following private high schools:

  • Betton Hills Preparatory School
  • North Florida Christian School

Dr. Bishop is well versed at assisting young people in Florida qualify for area Academically Gifted Programs.  It is important to ensure your child is receiving the best education possible.  If your child has scored just under the required cut off of 130, it is possible to raise their score using a variety of learning strategies and test preparatory techniques.

Additionally, Dr. Bishop can review any past testing and make recommendations for next steps.  There have been occasions where Dr. Bishop has reviewed past testing and the child was able to enter the Academically Gifted Program based on the recommendation alone.  For example, if a child is administerd the Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children (WISC-IV) and does not qualify under the Full Scale IQ score (FSIQ) Dr. Bishop can calculate the General Ability Index (GAI) and petition the school for re-consideration.  Many area psychologists only calculate one score and will not go this extra step.

The GAI is just one of many examples of alternative ways to qualify your child for the AGP.  Dr. Bishop is happy to discuss all options with you and develop a work plan to help your child receive gifted education.  Please call Dr. Bishop directly at 813-454-1050.