Educational Consultant in Tampa |  St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Bishop provides Tampa area residents consulting services for families that seek  competitive college / university admissions, boarding school and private school admissions, admission to academically gifted programs, and for families that seek to identify the best solution for their child with learning differences, ADHD, and behavioral challenges.

Educational consulting is available in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida, by phone or Skype, and online through a project management database. Dr. Bishop is a Tampa resident and is available for office appointments at the downtown Tampa location or in-home appointments from Spring Hill to Sarasota. Dr. Bishop travels to communities in Tampa and St. Petersburg on a weekly basis.


Local Educational Options:

There are many educational institutions in Tampa. Tampa is the home of the University of South Florida (USF), The University of Tampa (UT), Hillsborough Community College, Eckerd College and St. Petersburg College.  Most students Dr. Bishop works with in Tampa for college planning purposes seek out of area or out of state Universities.  Dr. Bishop’s experience with colleges and universities across the United States will help narrow down educational choices for prospective college applicants.

ADHD / Dyslexia / Specific Learning Disabilities:

Dr. Bishop works with students across the United States identifying the best educational option for each child.  While many students with learning issues only suffer academically, many have co-morbid issues that need to be addressed simultaneously.  As problems with schoolwork tends to turn into frustration, generally one of two things happen:

1. Students become depressed as the anger turns inward.

2. Students become oppositional as the anger turns outward.

Often, students have bit of inward and outwardly expressed anger if the learning issue is severe enough.  These are not the types of issues simply accommodating a child in public high school can address.  Children with learning issues are best helped in a self contained classroom where they can deal with the learning issue and co-morbid frustrations at the same time in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Dr. Bishop is uniquely prepared to help students in this situation.  After many years in private practice and running a therapeutic boarding school, Dr. Bishop has focused his efforts entirely on assisting young people find the right treatment program.  He is not only familiar with the treatment landscape but familiar with learning issues and the educational assessment process.  You can reach Dr. Bishop today at 813-454-1050.

Call Dr. Bishop at 813-454-1050